Yard Force SA900 extra sensors?


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I have a question for some smart people.
I have Yard force SA900 robot. It does good job, but it does not like trees.. it always wants to turn left when it hits trees and it gets stuck really often..
I was thinking about adding some arduino ultrasonic sensors to the front. I don’t know is it possible. I have this motherboard IMG_7885.jpeg
And this sensor board on the front IMG_7886.jpeg
I was thinking to conncet arduino with ultrasonic sensors to the front sensor board.. like when the ultrasonic sensor detects something it sends signal to the boundry wire sensor line(that mower thinks that it detected boundry wire) and stops and makes turn.

I dont know is it possible. Maybe some smart guy shares front sensor pinout and shares your wisdom how to make it possible.

With respect Allar.
I don't know the mower. what kind of sensor is that on the front? How does it communicate with the motherboard?