WIKI for TeensyMower?

Wiki for TeensyMower?

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So far, the topic of TeensyMower is only described in the forum and referred to the Ardumower Wiki. Is it worthwhile to install a small wiki of our own to have everything in one place?
It's not always easy to find the right information in the forum posts.

What do you think?
Beside a wiki, you may also check github pages. It is a git repository which contains markup files (*.md) only. Everytime you change a file and commit, a script gets triggered and it will build a homepage based on the md files. I did the same for
Or simply use the wiki provided by github? Your code and documentation will be on the same place
Yes, I have already thought about that. It's interesting in any case.
But can only the owner of the git repository maintain the wiki or also others?
You can add people to your repo and grant permissions. It is up to you to add as many people as you need.