PowerPCB 1.07 has bugs


Staff member
I have just discovered that an error has crept into the PowerPCB.
If JP1 is not bridged, then no voltage goes to the Batt OUT and the Motors.
And if JP1 is bridged, the emergency stop no longer works.

I will revise and optimise the PCB.
The circuit for the charging station will be removed.
When the mower is in the charging station, the components should also be supplied with power from the charger.
When the battery is full, the charger/battery BMS should switch itself off or carry out a trickle charge.
The following hack should work and the PowerPCB should then function as desired:
Remove JP1
Find the positive terminal of C1 (thick trace) and solder a cable from the + Pin of C1 to a + Pin of Batt OUT.

I hope the PCB will then work as it should.