New Batch of PCB's

Oh shit, I heard there was a big hailstorm in France. I hope no one was hurt and that things can be repaired.
That's more important now, of course.
Hello Bernrad,
I'm sorry that the storm hit you so badly. You have my moral support, unfortunately that's all I can do. Good thing nobody got hurt.
Good luck with the repairs and insurance.

Gruß Fürst Ruprecht
So let's see how long the boards take to get here by normal post. I only ordered the MainPCB as I still have a few PowerPCB. I'm not yet happy with a revision of the PowerPCB and I'm not making any progress at the moment.
The order of the connectors has changed a bit, the two errors for the voltage dividers have been fixed, a break pin has been added for the motors and a capacitor and the labelling would be made a bit nicer.

New Picture is above
Glad to hear that everything is ok so far

I've also looked at a few Worx Landroids, but haven't found a cheap one yet. The Vickings are too expensive here.
I soldered my new MainPCB today, but as is always the case, I'm still missing a few JXT connectors and have to buy some.