First Design Perimeter Sender

Do you have an OLED at your mower?
I've used the same librarys like in the mower code. There are different options for different oleds.
I've integrated ArduinoOTA now. It works!

Wich display do you use for the sender? I've bought a 4 pin ssd1306 from the friendly chinese, but i use the sh1106 driver and it works without the black bar at the right side.
I used a IZOKE 0,96 Zoll Display.
I've had it lying around here for a few months.
I have tested all the settings that can be selected, and it stays off. I have no problem with Bernard's code, the display works with it.
Certainly you are using different kind of display
Maybe the code i use into the mower is able to manage the 2 kind of over U8g2 ? But you need to find the ESP32 version.
I think the I2C address is different to my screen. I'm not sure, but i think my screen is addressed at 0x3A?!


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A Finished Wifi Perimeter Transmitter PCB. With motor driver and 50w 12 Ohm load resistor for the perimeter loop.

Eine Fertige voll bestückte Wifi Perimeter Sender PCB mit Motortreiber und 50w 12 Ohm Lastwiderstand für die Perimeterschleife.


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