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Did you change the pin assignment in your last changes?
The current Github version has pins for the bumpers:
#define pinBumperLeft 35
#define pinBumperRight 36

But it should be 27/28 for the current MainPCB.


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Not exactly .
#define pinBumperLeft 35
#define pinBumperRight 36
is the standard bumper pin since the beginning and the correct pin for the PCB annotation.

But i add for my MI632 the rear bumper on free pin 30 and 31 (on J20 CAN3)
#define pinBumperRearLeft 30 // bumper pins
#define pinBumperRearRight 31
Only wiring actually and not dev in the code.

Do not forget to adjust the new check station speed into setting station to have a better docking and avoid reverse.
I test actually the brake function of the red driver (i have big slope at a wire location and mower stop only after 20 cm)
I directly use the motor EN output of the PCB to brake the motor when PWM speed is set to 0.

In all case you need to always keep your mower.h and .cpp with your motor/bumper/pin assignement etc ... version and tell me if there is new var in the last version.

I use 2 mower model : the RL2000 with DC motor and MI632 with BL motor and i change only the 2 mower.h and cpp version before upload to one or other mower.


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OK I got confused by the label in kicad, fits after all. But somewhere I still have a mistake in it. I need to test further and mow the lawn with the ride-on mower.


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Bei ersten Tests mit dem Teensy scheinen noch Bibliotheken zu fehlen, oder? Woher kann ich die bekommen?

  -> candidates: []ments\Arduino\test\Teensy\teensymower\robot.cpp:17:25: fatal error: Watchdog_t4.h: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.
Mehrere Bibliotheken wurden für "SD.h" gefunden
 Benutzt: C:\Users\sefan\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SD
 Nicht benutzt: C:\arduino-1.8.16\libraries\SD
 Nicht benutzt: C:\arduino-1.8.16\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\SD
Bibliothek Wire in Version 1.0 im Ordner: C:\arduino-1.8.16\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\Wire  wird verwendet
Bibliothek SD in Version 1.2.4 im Ordner: C:\Users\sefan\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SD  wird verwendet
Bibliothek SPI in Version 1.0 im Ordner: C:\arduino-1.8.16\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\SPI  wird verwendet
Bibliothek EEPROM in Version 2.0 im Ordner: C:\arduino-1.8.16\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\EEPROM  wird verwendet
Bibliothek ADC in Version 8.0 im Ordner: C:\arduino-1.8.16\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\ADC  wird verwendet
Fehler beim Kompilieren für das Board Teensy 4.1.


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You need SD / SDfat / and WDT4 watchdog .It's inside the zip file


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