PiArdumower for Teensymower


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The Piardumower software needs an update.

Yesterday I spent the whole day trying to find an error in the communication between Teensy and Raspberry.
With Bernard's help, we found the error.
When you make settings in PiArdumower, they are probably not saved correctly in the EEPROM. After a restart, the Raspberry can no longer communicate properly with the Teensy and PiArdumower freezes.

If you want to use a Raspberry with PiArdumower, you should make the settings via Pfod App so that they are saved cleanly.

Since a few things have changed with the Teensymower, Bernard would like to update the software.

Perhaps there are suggestions from you for extensions or something.


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You need to first setup everything from the AZURITBER github page and follow the WIKI.

After that you need to use the piardu version for teensy locate into teensy repository.
Simply replace the one locate in piardumower folder.

You need to see version T004

I have not yet test everything ,so tell me if you find some bug ;)

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Here the result in the info page.


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Ok, that's how I did it too.
I was just surprised that there are so few files in there, maybe you'll add them?
Then people will have everything together.